Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How do i change the location of where my downloaded files go?

The space is filling up on my C drive but i want to download music from limewire but it automatically puts the songs in my music folder in my C drive, how do change the location to the D drive?

btw i know lime wire is illegal but if i like the tracks i download i buy the cd.How do i change the location of where my downloaded files go?
Tools%26gt;Options%26gt;Downloads%26gt;BrowseHow do i change the location of where my downloaded files go?
Open Limewire. Click Tools%26gt;Options%26gt;Saving%26gt;Basic. From here you can choose where to put each type of media or put all in the same folder.

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Found this tip but not able to find which version it's for. Hope it helps:

Go to Tools %26gt; Options %26gt; Saving, click the Browse button %26amp; direct LW to which folder you wish to download to. Simple as that. (If you are on Vista %26amp; Mac OSX then you must have system permissions to be able to use that folder directory.)
Right click on the track you want to save, then select ';save as';. Then select your D drive, and click on it to open the drive. Select a folder on your D drive and just save the track to that location, and repeat this process each time you save a track, selecting your D drive and chosen folder instead of your C drive. If you want to create a new folder for your music, just click on New Folder to create one and name it My Music, or whatever else.
I have a tool for you,will let you expand your ';C'; drive in to the unused space of ';D';.

You get to decide how mush space you would like to allocate for each drive.


Partition Master home edition.

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