Monday, November 22, 2010

Xbox 360 please help me confused!!!!!!?

i sign up for a gold trial on xbox 360 and some how it says i live in the united sate of america buit i live in united kingdom is there a way to change my location from USA to UK?

also another problem is i have FLASHBACK MAP PACK for GEARS OF WAR 2 everytime i try to download it, it say '; i can't download it from my current location'; what ever that means...

can someone please help me thank youXbox 360 please help me confused!!!!!!?
Well I can help you with your first problem, go to the my xbox section on the dashboard, then slide over right to find your profile, click on it and then go to account management and you can change your location there. for your second problem idk just go to maybe that will help.Xbox 360 please help me confused!!!!!!?
go to ur profile select options and see if u cant change from there

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